Summer 2016 update

It’s been another busy summer with a variety of projects. There have been several highlights but here are three of our favourites. You may have already seen these featured on our Facebook page.

Firstly, are two panels which we made for a magician: one small door panel and one sidelight. We’ve worked for him before (see long window featured) so it was nice to continue on a similar theme. The idea was to have a quirky feel with the different suits of cards intermingled with cogs representing whirring thoughts and the passing of time.

The second section of photos shows an Arts & Crafts style window which we made for a lady in Chertsey featuring her two favourite flowers: the rose and the thistle. It was good to work on a round window in which you can get some lovely symmetrical effects and it worked well in her Victorian cottage.

Thirdly, is a panel we made for Eton End Girl’s School. We worked closely with the girls to produce a window based on their school emblem, the Lark. The aim was to have a light, airy feel whilst incorporating the school colours and a strong central motif.

I hope you enjoy the photos. We are currently working on some Art Deco panels and a traditional Victorian toplight complete with painted number. All possible features for future blogs! Matt Stirling door, blogMatt Stirling, bold blogMatt Stirling fitting blogMatt Stirling, illusionists blogGillham side view blogGillham fitting blogEton End School 2 blogEton End School 4 blog