Hello, welcome to our blog! On here we will be sharing some of our recent work and upcoming projects which I hope you’ll enjoy

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April News

Hi all. After a long build up we are finally pleased to announce the successful installation of our panel at The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London. The panel depicts the coat of arms of the Nottingham campus and forms part of a large display of the various colleges and their respective crests. We are really pleased that it fits in nicely with all the existing panels.RCVS 5 blogRCVS Michael & Sue 2 blog


March News

Hello again. Here are some photos already featured on our Facebook page which I thought might be interesting. They show a house in Wimbledon with a before and after photo. It is amazing how stained glass can transform a front door! We kept the glass fairly pale with a few splashes of bright colour whilst keeping a Victorian feel.

Turner, hall view blog

January 2015

HI. We’ve been really busy with the build up to Christmas, always our busiest time! But it’s good to get back to a bit of normality. Just thought I’d share some photos I took recently of a job we did about a year ago. The couple were really pleased with the final result and it was nice to add some different birds to our repertoire!

Jay blogBirds in apple tree blogWoodpecker blog

More Photos November 2014

Hello all. Here are a couple more photos of the Leaping Salmon window that we installed at a house in London. We used a combination of streaky and other quite heavily textured glasses. This was in order to disguise an unsightly view next door. The client is a keen horsewoman and angler, the outer colours of the border represent her racing colours. We are pleased with the finished piece especially the natural but still vibrant colours.building salmon panel blogsalmon close up blog

November 2014 news

We’ve just completed this Leaping Salmon window for a house in London. More pictures and details to follow!


October 2014 news

Been busy working on a variety of projects. We were recently commissioned to make this little stained glass hanging for a wedding present. The couple it was for love Yorksire, Malham Cove having particular significance for them so I wanted to make it instantly recognisable. I tried to put a lot of detail into the rock face itself whilst keeping the surrounding countryside fairly abstract. It was being given to the couple this weekend so hopefully I’ll be getting some good feedback! By contrast we’ve also been working on a huge window for a house in London which depicts a leaping salmon…more to follow on this soon.

Blog - Window Sunninghil insidel

Arts & Crafts Window

We recently installed this Arts & Crafts style window based on an original in Sunninghill (the original panel is the old one set into the brick wall). The client was very specific that he wanted it to be as near as possible to the original so the design had to be scaled down perfectly to match. We also tried our best to get the colours right and luckily we managed to find some old hammered glass for the centre. The client was very pleased and kindly sent us the main photo which shows the glass off well. We were also very happy with the end piece as it had involved some very intricate lead work and a lot of concentration!

Blog - building Sunninghill window