Glass Painting & Restoration
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    Glass Painting & Restoration
  • Bluetit

  • Restoration Hertford

    Stained glass door panels with painted birds restored for house in Hertford.
  • Robin

  • Painted birds (Mayan Clock Bird)

  • William Morris harpist

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Here you can see a few examples of pieces that we have restored as well as examples of our painted glass. It’s very satisfying to restore a piece of stained glass, that might otherwise be discarded, back to it’s former glory. We do feel passionately that stained glass can always be repaired and sympathetically restored; it’s a bit like an organic thing in that it evolves over the years.

We also take particular pride in our glass painting – our painted bird roundels have been used to great effect in many of our Victorian style panels as well as in original Victorian windows. Painted glass always has a beautiful depth to it which can greatly enhance as well as add intricate detail to any window.