• Peacock window

  • Orchides

  • Duck & waterlily

  • Heart

  • Swirls

  • Landscape roundel

  • Three hares roundel

  • Handcuffs & cards

  • Mulberry tree

  • Sunflowers

  • The Beatles

  • Water of Life

  • Aboriginal Influence close up

  • Aboriginal Influence

  • Contemporary Victorian twist

  • Exotic Birds hallway

  • Exotic Birds

  • Modern Pale

  • Robin and Blackbird hallway

  • Sagrada Familia Influence

  • Allium painted landscape

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In our contemporary gallery you can see a variety of work. These designs are not so much about sticking to a particular era of stained glass but more about giving a home character and a touch of individuality. People will often request a design that is personal or unique to them, for example, a specific landscape or symbol that means something to them. Alternatively, it could just be a dash of colour to lift or enhance the mood of a certain area of the house; it’s amazing how even the simplest design can transform a room.