20s & 30s
  • 30s sun

  • Bugatti

    20s & 30s
  • 30’s Flowers

  • Art Deco detail

  • Deco amber

  • Frank L W

  • 20’s Deco frontage

  • 30’s sidelight

  • Deco sun

    Art Deco sunburst design.
  • 1920’s Oval Panel Close Up

    Detail of North London frontage showing different glass textures.
  • 1920’s Frontage Inside View

    Art Deco style panels in shades of blue, purple and green for house in North London.
  • Green Bathroom Window

  • Hampton Front Door

  • Sunny sunburst

  • Deco fountain

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In this period Art Nouveau declines to make way for Art Deco styling and simpler more streamlined designs. The feel is generally more geometric and stylised with the sun ray being the recurring motif of this period. Designs are influenced by the ‘modern’ age and by a new feeling of glamour and innovation. We have often been asked to re-create the classic sunburst design which instantly evokes this time as well as other bold and dramatic patterns. There is also a vogue for more homely designs such as roses, cottages, ships and windmills.