Victoian & Edwardian
  • Victorian entranceway

  • Tudor Rose

  • Blue Victorian

  • Edwardian panel

  • Painted Irises

  • Tulips

  • Gothic sun

  • Heron doors

  • Victorian geometric

  • Broomwater

  • Blue orange Victorian geometric

  • Ealing Victorian

  • Fulham Victorian

  • Rose and Thistle Arts and Crafts

  • Ecclesiastical Quatrefoil

  • Windsor birds outside view

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Here you can see a few designs which emulate Victorian and Edwardian styles. This period of stained glass is very diverse ranging from: the Neo-Classical with it’s garlands, drapes and straight lines, to the Gothic Revival period with it’s influences from Medieval art and the Arts and Crafts movement which naturally followed on from this. The latter Victorian and Edwardian period brought a preference for light airy windows with paler colours. Despite the diversity of styles the recurring themes are often plants, flowers and wildlife as demonstrated by the proliferation of painted birds in the Victorian era. This period is also marked by the Victorians love of bold jewel like colours which were used more sparingly as the century drew to a close.